Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My feelings

I never knew I would open my heart to you.
You were just another one person that I know,
Guess you have that cupid of yours
Hit me right through ma heart.

I've been falling for you since the day ;
The day when i saw that P_I_N_G on my screen.
Never thought you could be this wonderful,
The amazing guy,the perfect material!!

You make me feels like Im in 7th heaven!!
The sweet smile from your face,
The warmness of your heart when you talk,
Just make me realise how precious you are to me.

Though we may be a thousand miles apart,
Im promising you this on this lonely night,that I will,
And always will be true to you till eternity.
This is a promise from my heart not just from my mouth.

Music in my heart

Music fades in my ear as the hymn haults
Wondering where it would end was what I did.
Holding back the time was what I ever wanted,
Where complications were out of reach.

Now we are thousand miles apart;
With cities and towns in between us.
But it won't harm the love we have.
For Karma brings us together always.

Thinking of you each time the clock strikes,
I'll never cease to love you my boo.
For you mean the world to me,
And none can compare the world with you.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pathianin a HMASABER a duh

Voin 29/4/2012 cu peihlo tak chung leh mut khamlo tak cuan inkhom turin ka chhuak leh ta ngei mai a.Kal kongah cuan ka tongtai phei molh2 a,"Lalpa,ka inkhom peihlo e mai,mahse ka thu ni loin Nangma min kohna vang zokin ka kal e,ka thlarau mamoh chaw thar min pe leh ang che" ka ti phei molh2 a. Kan inkhom voin kher chu sharing hun alo ni a,an thu ron sawi ho te chu ngaihnawm hle mai. Ka thlarau mamawh chiah chiah mai kha Pathian hian alo sawitir ka ti lo theilo.

Pathian hian kan tana tha tur hian engkim min lo ruat sak tih a lo dik ngei mai. Kei ngei poh hi chauh chang leh khoro ngoih2 a inhriat chang ka ngah mai. Mahse chumi hunah cuan ka nu thu min hrilh fo thin "Nang chu fa HMASABER Pathianin min pek i ni a,a tan kan hlan toh che a,sualah poh lut mahla,a ko let zel ang che.Pathian hi i hnaih tlat a,peih lo chung2 poha i belh tlat leh i biak molh2 a ngai a,cuan a kalsan miah lo ang che" a tih hi ka hrechhuak thin. Mihring ve tho ka ni a,ka thatchhiat vang te leh sualin min bumna k hriatthiam loh thin vanga inthlahdah chang chu k nei ve fo,mahse atana ka inhlan tohna leh ka chhungten ka pian tirh a Pathian tana min lo hlan tohna cuan min umzui zel a,khovel thil a han tlan chang te poh a awm,ka nunah na takin min vaw let a,amah Pathian ah cauh damn ka hmu leh thin.Pathianin min duh a,min duhna leh ka hnena a thusoi hi ka hriatchian toh vangin kalsan thei ka ni toh lo a,ka tana a tuarna leh min chhandamna avangiin khovel thil tam tak min tichhetu te hi ka kalsan reng ani.Amah Pathian hnaih tlat cuan heng zong2 lakah hian min veng a,min humhim tlat ani.

Pathian hian engkim ah hian a hmasa bera kan dah hi a duh a,kan zirlai ani emaw,kan hnathawh ani emaw,kan chhungkaw inrelbawl danah emaw,kan nupui/pasal leh ngaihzawngah te,soi sen poh a theih loh,,ENGKIM hian a huam top mai. Kan hlawhtlinna atan chauha kan biak te,kan ngaihsak te hi a duh lo a,kn hlawhtlinna te,kan lungngaih ni te,engtik lai pon ani cuan min duh tlat ani. Kei ngei poh zirlai k ni a,,lhkha zir hunah zir tuma ka thut te hian ka Bible chhiar hi a tawp thei ngailo.Hun tam tak sengin ka chhiar a,lhkha te k zir loh phah thak2 zel,keimah duh vanga tih top ngot chi poh ani lo a,k thei hek lo.Min hruaitu in min hruaina ang zawka ka kal a ngai a,phunnoi lo in "Lalpa I thu ang zelin ka chungah thleng rawh se" tih mai cauh hi ka tih theih tok ani.Lalpa nen cuan engkim a ropui a,chuvangin a rawng kan bawl vanga khawvel thila kan hnufual anih poh a ropui em2 a,kan chan tur lawmman nen cuan khaikhin rual a ni lo.Engkimah Pathian hi hmasa berah dah fo ila,kan nitin nunah amah seng lut ila,keimahni mihring ni lo a,ama duhdah leh thlarau hruaia kan awm zawk theih nan a hnenah inhlan thar leh ang u.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Blue Night

I heard the ticking of the clock
It never cease to stop in this lonely night
There's nothing more I wish than to be with you
To the time that You and I were alone

We have to part our ways too soon
When our love grow stronger each day
Lets keep on the promises we made
Never to let go of our hands

Its dark and cold here without you
This blue night reminds me of the night
The nights you were holding me tight
And lying beside me counting stars

Darling, there's nothing more I wish
Than having you by my side right now
And time will fly by as the ticking
Of the clock never cease and meet you again soon.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A cry of the broken heart :(

this is written by a friend of mine who is suffering from a heartache,,,the words are simple,yet touching..,its well said from his pure heart,,Dodo,don't lose hope,we will always be with ya,,,XOXO
and it goes on,,,
*.. everthng time we touch makes ma heart beat fast
holding ya close 2 me.. makes me feel strong..
everytime we kissed.. want u 2 kw how much i luv u.
all i do is 2 make u feel dat m the 1 fo ya.

** all is want is u.. i want u 2 be wit me 4eva
wen im not wit u.. i felt like a m in a prison..
just wanna die... den 2 loose u.. n c u walk away

* u dont khnw how u make me feel....
itz more den wat u xpected.. but itz da way i feel
n it feels rite 2 me.. ya ol wat i eva wanted in ma lyfe
loosing u is like loosing ma lyfe is diz world

** all i want is u.. i want u 2 b wit me 4eva..
wen im not wit u.. i felt like a m in a prison..
just wanna die... den 2 loose u.. n c u walk away...

* everthng i do is not da way u think it is..
itz da only way i knw how to show u how much i luv u
if itz only me n u agsinst the world.. i not giv a damnn...
s long s im wit out.. 2 hold u n hear ya heartbeat close 2 ya

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lyrics For You

A lonely life did I live till I met you;

A lonesome one that one could'nt dream of.

Since you're here,everythings changing:

And the thought of you mesmerised me to every corner.

A day with you is worth a thousang grand.

The love and care you show upon me,

Is the one that's worth living for.

You're such a wonderful gift that is sent from above.

You're now a part of my life that lives within me,

A part that could never be separated.

You re the reson that I breathe and live,

Without you, I could never be able to survive.

Times of sorrows and joy will we face,

But I'll cling to you and strive with you .

Sharing all your hardships and trials,

I'm sacrificing to be the Best you have.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

For a dear friend

The sound of the rustling wind
Blows my ear like the way you spoke
And it feels good and you know it.
Though we don't have chemistry within
Let it happen coz its kinda feel good.
I am gonna miss you when our world falls apart,
So lets make use of our days
The best,,anyone can ever had!
We may not meet,,,not anymore in this world,,,
But my heart won't forget you
and all kinda friendship we have shared...
We may go,,but lets not depart from our heart
Until the darkness come in our life
and that's how i wanna be........
A new day may come and leaves may fall
But ma friendship with you won't
go with the coming of the
and the fall of the leaves........

Time may change and our life may go on...........
But we will still be ONE